Installer internet connection

I am trying to install qubes with raid 5 with 3 disk and two of disk is on computer but one is from iscsi san. I want to add san from installer, so I need connect to intranet of course. I need to use wifi but I cannot find way to connect it. Actually I tried to get in shell when anaconda started, I cannot get into shell. How can I connect to wifi in the installer?

If you do so, you would need network access at boot time, which isn’t supported in Qubes OS as the network is done in a separate qube, in a VM that must be loaded from the disk. It’s not possible to use a network storage to start the VM allowing network…

The SAN disks could be used for extra storage, maybe.

It’s possible with a hack:

I’m not sure about enabling networking in installer but it could be possible as well.


I found that from installer, os detect internet module but just turned off. So, to use internet from installer, go to tty(when installer appear, press ctrl+alt+2) than type “ifconfig -a”. found wifi moudule. type “ifconfig {moudule name} up” to on the internet module. lastly, connect to internet with cli.