Installed Qubes to external drive, is it possible to boot win drive as VM?

Thanks to @apparatus response to my post I installed and got working correctly (ie so my work IT admins won’t be annoyed) Qubes on an external drive - actually amazing how well it works :slight_smile:
It occurred to me that “wouldnt it be nice to have the win drive as a VM?”. I think its possible to create an image of the win drive and use that and so on but as this is a work laptop I am quite limited in what I’m allowed to do to it - but I’d much prefer to be booted into Qubes and use win through qubes. So, would it be possible to kind of run the win installation that is on the computer hard drive like a VM while I am booted into Qubes (via the external drive). Convoluted I realize but I thought I’d at least ask.

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You can try this:
Create HVM, set uefi feature for it:
qvm-features <vm-name> uefi 1
Add ovmf.bin in your dom0:

Unmount the EFI System partition from Qubes OS:

sudo umount /boot/efi

Presistently attach the EFI System and Windows partitions as block devices to your qube:

qvm-block a --persistent qubename dom0:nvme0n1p1
qvm-block a --persistent qubename dom0:nvme0n1p2

Boot from qube and if you end up in startup.nsh shell then enter exit to enter UEFI menu and in Boot Manger select WIndows boot menu entry.

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Yeah thanks again!
This looks like I will need a bit of time to try but will def do so and report back. Thanks soo much apparatus !