Create Windows 11 Qube in separate Partition vm


I want to install windows 11 as a standalone Qube ??? What is best most easiest way ? I do have an .iso file of Windows 11 as a startup media.
Where to place this .iso file for installation ? Onto an USB Stick ??

Onto a separate partition within dom0 environment ???

I do want to install the vm in a separate partition named vm, created at installation of the Qubes System and which is accessible by dom0.

Many thanks in advance for your kind detailed support.

regards, hitam

Why do you want to use Windows on a separate partition on the disk instead of installing in inside Qubes OS storage?
Maybe you can try to do it like this by attaching this partition to the qube and installing Windows on it but it’s untested:

Well i would like to install the Windows 11 qube and the Web-Qube (apache, Nextcloud, Node.js) into an existing partition, because ist disk space might to get quite large. the partition is able to store about 1 TB of data.
I would like to have Qube and data installed in the same partition to make easier to operate.

Why did you create separate partition on the disk? Why didn’t you use the default Qubes OS installer partitioning and gave all the disk free space to the VM LVM thin pool that is used to store the VM disks?
You can configure this separate partition as secondary storage like this:

And then create qubes with their disks stored on this secondary storage.
But it looks rather meaningless and it’d be better if you just used the default configuration and configured whole disk to store your VM disks.

thank you for your consideration. I use my partitioning scheme since many years already successfully and i did not want to change it for the qubes installation.

The vm partition should hold the installed qube and the disk with the data. i reserved it for the Windows 11 qube and for the web qube which handlles the apache web server including ist services and the nextcloud installation.

I do have another question in regard to the Windows 11 Qube:

What is the more flexible solution: to install win11 as a template or as a standalone Qube, which can be cloned as well ?

Install the template inside the main storage area of dom0 and the app in a secondary location, e.g. my partition vm ?

reagrds, hitam