Installation unsupported hardware alert with viable CPU

I upgraded the CPU in the t430 to the i7-3840qm and i looked it up it has vt x and vt d. Why is it showing this error upon installation? Is it a big on the installer, or is my CPU fake? It’s from China on eBay.

Did you enable VT-x and VT-d in BIOS?

Under the virtualization section there are 2 options and i have enabled them both and activated any other options in other areas of BIOS which looks like they could positively affect qubes… and i also activated the defaults and checked on virt settings afterwards and they were still activated and none of this had worked. And i just proceeded with the install anyways and it gave another warning about failure for dom 0 with net cube or something because of bad hardware… i am very confused. Others on this forum have already started how they are successfully using this CPU?

The CPU and motherboard chipset both need to support VT-x & VT-d.

From what I understand, the T430 BGA version directly soldered to the mainboard supports VT-d virtualization, i.e., the i7-3612QM, whereas the rPGA version does not.