Installation troubleshooting - VNC, IO Error 11, Pane is dead

Hey there guys!

I really need help installing qubes os from 1 flash drive (32 gb) to another (128 gb), but, I keep on running into issues after booting into either the USB BIOS (Windows boot setup) or Legacy (Original operating system setup). Specifically, I keep on getting the following errors:

A) Not asking for VNC because we dont have a network

B) Fatal IO Error 11 resource (temporarily unavailable) on X server :1

C) Pane is dead (RIP pane)

I am using a Red Silver Pentium HP laptop da0xxx intel UHD 600 graphics card (A Qubes tester said it wasn’t recommended due to missing VT-d/IOMMU feature) on windows 10

I have gone through ALOT of troubleshooting today and need help with installing Qubes, next steps, or what to note

In addition to me needing help in installation Qubes, i have a few questions:

  1. I originally had a “Fatal error 2” that, seemingly through the day’s troubleshooting, is gone. Is it gone as my computer is now pointing towards error 11 rather than 2?

  2. Do you think, from the description of my hardware and issue, that I will need to install Qubes using another laptop? Should i worry about the missing “VT-d/IOMMU” feature, whatever that is?

Thanks in advance!

P.S: note that I censored my face in the picture!

Definitely desirable but, looks like you’ve physically disabled it with the :adhesive_bandage:

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I guess thats just camera related? Not that big of a deal!

Sorry, couldn’t resist :smirk:

Seriously though, drop to tty2 ( Fn+Ctrl+Alt+F2 IIRC) and see what your logs tell you?

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What troubleshooting exactly?
Because all the errors you listed are clearly mentioned in the documentation: Installation troubleshooting | Qubes OS


Thanks for the response!

I did fix error 2, i enabled virtualization, legacy boot, many other things…

Looking at the guide, how do I enter “GRUB”? Do i type that? And where do i do that (after hitting install qubes 4.1.1)? I am new to this and really need help!

Also, I am now having an error 0

Here is a new pic!

This is after pressing ctrl + alt + f2

This is “3:log”

And this is “5: program log”

You can also see my new screen with the post I made to beb

“Fatal error 0 (success)”

Srry for any spam (I am just a noob and a bit anxious lolz)

You “enter GRUB” by pressing e to edit the options for “Install Qubes OS” at the boot-menu.

When you have the “Ctrl + Alt + F2” window active, you have a shell where you can run commands - what output do you get, when you type

lspci | grep -i vga


Are there any hints in /tmp/X.log … like

cat /tmp/X.log


Ill look into that when I get back to my laptop!

Ill press e as soon as I reach the menu on both the legacy and uefi!

But, for typing lspci | grep -i vga, are those 2 or 3 diff commands (how should I type it? With the dash and space bar, for example com1: lspic, com2: grep -i vga?)

And where do i see tmp/X.log?


lspci | grep -i vga

is just 1 line, where the output from the first command (lspci) is redirected/piped (|) as input to the second command (grep -i vga).

Since /tmp/X.log is a file, it can be cat’ed to the screen, by typing:

cat /tmp/X.log

– I expect it to have a lot of lines, so many lines will just scroll off the screen … but the important part should be at the end of the file - so still on the screen, when the command finish. :slight_smile:

If you want to read all of them, you can use:

less /tmp/X.log

– where you can scroll with the arrow keys and quit by pressing q

Edit: Fix autocorrect


Hey again!

I need help with the GRUB again (I got on boot menu, hit e while selecting the “install qubes 4.1.1,” hit F2 for command lines, got GRUB, pressed tab, which gave me command options, and
then tried to code in kernel= (see pic))

Here, I pressed F2 to go to command lines where I found GRUB:

Then, I failed to code it in (Am i supposed to write kernel=, hit space then put in the full
nouveau.modeset=0 rd.driver.blacklist=nouveau or do I break it down, is that 1 command or 2?):

Also, it appears the error 0 is gone and we are bac to error 11

To add some light, i did manage to get info back using the lspci command:

And info from cat /tmp/X.log:

TYSM for helping me so far!

Isn’t it this you can put after pressing just e on the grub screen then enter this?

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The kernel line is the one that ends ... plymouth.ignore-serial-console quiet. So if you need to add

it should look like:

... plymouth.ignore-serial-console quiet nouveau.modeset=0 rd.driver.blacklist=nouveau

If you remove the quiet then you’ll get more debug information.

From the lspci information, your graphics card should be:

Intel Corporation GeminiLake [UHD Graphics 605] (rev 06)

I’ve not tested it (I don’t have the same hardware) - but it might make a difference with:

... plymouth.ignore-serial-console quiet nouveau.modeset=0 rd.driver.blacklist=nouveau i915.enable_psr=0


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Yup, i did that then hit f10 (at the moment, I am waiting)

After pressing e over the install qubes button, i typed in what you recommended:

Plymouth.ignore-serial-consoles quiet nouveau.modeset=0 rd.driver.blacklist=nouveau i915.enable_psr=0

(NOTE: you had console in your code, I kept it as consoles (note that they arent the exact same thing))

And then pressed f10 to boot

Which led me to this screen:

And then this one:

It mentioned something about a “floppy,” so i thought id show my physical setup:

(Booted usb and empty usb connected to a 4 port hub)

After pressing control + d and enter for maintenance (and failing to type journalctl, i put journalct1) i got this screen:

Please help me, I feel like i am getting further, but am still confused on how to go about getting the system downloaded correctly!

Thank you again!

could you try with:


on the kernel line?

– or have you abandoned this laptop?

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Abandoned, I did much better today on a new laptop, but, as of now have ran into an issue with creating a user :frowning:

Thx for the help here though!