Installation screen doesn't appear

Hi, I excuse beforehand if my question is noob.

I decided to try install qubes on my laptop asus UX425E. I use USB drive for 32GB. When I try to load from this drive to installation guide of qubes firstly I see 2 screens (attached them) and then my laptop reboot. What can be wrong?

Second screen:

First screen:

No one has any idea why this is happening? :frowning:

maybe uefi issue:

have you read the instalation guide?

Unfortunately I realized it seems what this problem is related to - it’s new processor by intel Tiger Lake. I have the same problem as in this topics:

I’m the OP of that topic, and my Qubes is running well on an Intel Lake processor. I recommend visiting Index of /qubes/iso/ and installing one of the latest isos (alpha version). The one I used was from april and it’s not available anymore so try your luck with the March ones. As I said this is a Xen bug fixed from version 1.14.1.

Also don’t be afraid cause it’s an alpha OS, I’ve found out it’s super stable, works better than Ubuntu LTS :sweat_smile:

Yeah! You are right! Last test version with Qubes 4.1 has been installed successfully! Ths a lot for your response! Hope that final version 4.1 will come soon!