Installation problem, I got this message from grub: "Minimal Bash-like line editing is supported"

Good morning everyone,

I tried to install both R4.1.2 and R4.2.0-rc3 from different pendrives but after configuring the Bios for reboot I always get the message “Minimal Bash-like line editing is supported” and the grub command line, so I don’t even get to the Qubes installer.

The Laptop is a Lenovo V15 G2 ITL, 20GB Ram, Intel i3-1115G4.

Previously I had no problem installing both Debian, Linux Mint and running Tails on the same Laptop.

Thanks for the help

I solved it !

Since the backbone of Qubes is based on Fedora, while I had always installed Debian-based systems, I thought the problem might be the different way of managing partitions or something, so I took a tour of the Fedora site to try to see if with that iso I would at least get to the installer…

On the site I saw the Fedora Media Writer that creates the bootable pendrives, so I tried it and the Fedora installation pendrive so created showed me the installer without problems!

So this time I created the installation pendrive using Fedora Media Writer and the Qubes iso…

And it worked!

To test it all without erasing my Laptop’s internal SSD (in case something goes wrong) I installed Qubes in an external pendrive (for now) and it works pretty well.

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