Installation of Printer Drivers in Fedora 30 TemplateVM


Since I am new to Qubes OS I have the following question: In Fedora 30 TemplateVM I installed the drivers for my printer, which is connected via USB to my Qubes OS laptop. Is it safe if I now delete the old Template VM of Fedora 30? At the moment I am using as a Template VM Fedora 32. Because I do not want to reinstall the driver for my printer again.

Thank you.

Best Knut

I don’t understand your question.
If you dont want to install the drivers again, then obviously you cant
delete the Fedora 30 template, because that is (apparently) where you
have installed the drivers.
That said, you should delete the Fedora 30 template and install the
drivers in the latest available template.
Note, if you dont want to be at the mercy of the Fedora treadmill,
consider using Debian templates - they have a much longer gap between
releases - the next release has a freeze date in January 2021, and new
releases come every two years or so.

Thank you unman,

you understood my question very well. I just keep my fedora-30 template. Since I do not want to install all the drivers every 6 months again.