Installation not finished still able to login

I just installed Qubes OS on my Librem 14. During the setup process, I entered my user details and set up disk encryption. When I clicked ‘finish installation’, the templates began to install but the display went black after about 5 minutes and the system powered down. Upon restarting, I had to re-enter my user details and was shown an error message (which I did not write down). After clicking ‘ok’, the system restarted and I was able to login with my password. However, in the Qubes Manager, only the Fedora template, Debian template, and Dom0 were shown. The Debian template had 0MB of disk usage and no other qubes were present. Has anyone else experienced this issue and how did they fix it? Should I just reinstall using a USB stick?

(I have a Librem 14 with qubes os preinstalled.)

my recommendation is try reinstall, perhaps it is just template install issue. or you can download template from ftp qubes, insert to your drive, and import to qubes os