Installation media will not boot properly and displays colorful lines

I use a T400 ThinkPad with GNUBoot I flashed to it, I’ve tested this with many types of USBs, it is not an issue with the media or it’s formatting, I formatted it on a different, completely reliable computer using Gnome Disk Utility.

I’m guessing the issue lies with GNUBoot, but I’m not willing to compromise on Libreboot.

When I boot the media, whether that be with grub, or the SeaBIOS payload, it does not function as intended.
When booting with grub, it takes me to the selection screen (Test media then install, etc) but no matter which option I select, it loads the .img then it simply displays colorful vertical lines and hangs, I’ve tried this with both the 4.2.0 Version, and 4.1.2. (Both verified with checksums and signatures)
When booting with SeaBIOS, it displays the selection screen, after loading the .img, it just displays a black, blank screen and hangs.

I tried my best to find similar issues but was unable to, so had to make a dedicated post.
If I missed any statements or similar issues, or if you have any solution that adheres to GPL, let me know.
Thanks in advance.