Installation issues: custom partitioning freezes

Installing 4.1.1 on a t480 think pad

If I’m not fast enough when partitioning it freezes. If I make too many changes it freezes. Not much of a pattern, happens intermittently. I’ve installed a few times now (same machine)

In order to use the whole drive (NVMe, 500gig) I need to remove old (‘unknown’) partitions. This usually works, but when making my own partition scheme (want /home and /var) it freezes when confirming choices or clicking “update” (clicking buttons in general).

If I am fast, clear the old part’s, go for the automatic partitioning and move ahead quickly starting installation process it usually works. But that kind of counters the purpose of “custom”

This guy seems to have lived a similar experience Feedback for R4.1 installation issues

Anyone else with similar experience? Any solutions?


Solved it by partitioning through the “advanced option”. It was unstable at times but not close to what using the customs option for partitioning rendered in.