Installation FAILS Qubes 4.1

I cant reinstall Qubes after upgrading my motherboard and CPU.
I can boot from USB to a black screen where i have 4 choices
Select install Qubes 4.1
Install halts as pictured bellow

If i do verbose install it halts here

In BIOS I have enabled SVM & IOMMU

CPU - AMD 5950x (i know other users say this works)
Motherboard - Gigabyte B550M Elite AM4 (other B550 boards are in supported list)
Ram - 32gb (was used in my previous install)
SSD - m.2 NVMe Samsung 970 Evo Plus (was used in my previous install)
GPU - nVidia GTX1080ti (was used in my previous install)

In an attempt to over come this, i tried to build a new updated iso from “testing” using qubes builder, but this also failed but thats a topic for another thread

Any ideas?

You can try latest Qubes ISO build (maybe with kernel-latest) from

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@tzwcfq thanks ill give that a go



this didnt boot at all past the initial black install selection screen


This didnt successfully install, but the graphics didnt wigout, which has enabled me to capture more of the verbose log.

Looks like is hanging up on the NVMe drive. Not sure why, i have previously installed Qubes 4.1 rc2 successfully on it. I am also able to install Win10 on it no problems.

Any ideas?
Bios settings?

Manual install ideas?

Is there somewhere i can still download Qubes 4.1 rc2 ? I want to see if that still works on my new motherboard.

I’m not sure as well but it may be a problem with USB controllers or connected devices.
If you don’t use USB keyboard then you can try to disable USB controllers.
I don’t know if grub option rd.qubes.hide_pci works for installer.
If it won’t work then you can try to disable USB in BIOS.

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no matter what i try, i cant get this to install.

really could do with some help?
should i put a bug on github?

You can try to disable USB 3.0 (xHCI or something in BIOS).
Maybe try to remove all USB devices except for USB flash with Qubes installer and use PS/2 keyboard.
Also what if you remove NVMe? Can you boot installer past this stage?