Installation failed

After selecting the installation item in the grub menu, the text outputs to me, then the computer reboots

The flash drive is connected via an adapter to USB-C in the device or through a docking station, the error is the same

For the sake of the search feature (and also for email users):


[ OK ] Started plymouth-start.service - Show Plymouth Boot Screen.
[ OK ] Started systemd-ask-password-plymouth.path - Forward Password Requests to Plymouth Directory Watch.
[ OK ] Reached target - Local Encrypted Volumes.
[ OK ] Reached target - Path Units
[ OK ] Started cancel-wait-multipath-wait-nvme0n1.time - cancel waiting for multipath siblings of nvme0n1.
[ OK ] Started cancel-wait-multipath-wait-nvme1n1.time - cancel waiting for multipath siblings of nvme1n1.

Did you try with kernel latest from the grub menu ? or Verify and install ?
I guess without more informations, it’s hard to tell what happens.

You could try this:

Use a different USB drive
Verify your Qubes ISO
Change the method you used to write your ISO to a USB key