Install VPN Wireguard including a config file from Fritzbox


i want to establish a wireguard connection to my home network during my time on the road.

I use a fritzbox including the VPN Wireguard system. To ease the configuration of clients, it offers a configuration file including all necessary infos. I checked the NetworkManager tool, however there is noch option to read a client config file. Is there any way to do like that, which i might have overlooked ?? Please advice.

Many thanks in advance.
regards, hitam

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well, i do not use the fedora-38 template. i use debian-12 template.

As server i use my fritzbox.

It doesn’t matter, Network Manager works the same way for fedora and debian:

nmcli connection import type wireguard file vpn.conf

i always rceive the answer: NetworkManager will not be executed ???

What’s the exact message?
Are you trying to setup the VPN in service qube that has “Provides network” option set for it or in simple app qube without “Provides network” option set?
If latter then add and enable the network-manager service in this qube Settings → Services tab.

I opened a terminal in sys-net and nmcli showed me the network configuration.

However I attached an USB stick which holds the Wireguard configuration file. I attached the USB to the Sys-net qube, but it is not visible neither in the terminal - because it is not clear what is the mounting point - and in the filemanager the USB Stick ist not visible / accessible as well.

Could someone guide me please to a working solution for this situation ??

Tanks & regards, hitam

Make sure have network-manager added in the Application section of the AppVM settings