Install RC4.2 R5 on new system or the stable 4.1.2?

Hi Guys,

I have to install Qubes again, but it is for me a bit hard to do a fresh installation cause i use a hub to install my Qubes on an external SSD, with some hardware limitations. It’s a whole operation, so I want to prevent that i have to install a fresh Qubes again when the stable 4.2 is coming out soon.

What would you recommend? Installing now a fresh 4.1.2 or the RC4.2 R5? (with the coming 4.2 in mind)

So my question is, what would be easier in de future? Upgrading to 4.2 from 4.1.2 or from the RC4.2 R5? Or is it necessary to do a fresh installation anyway, no matter which one i install now?

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Upgrade from 4.2 RC4 would be easier, cause you wouldn’t recognise the entire upgrade. Installing 4.1.2 and doing an upgrade to 4.2 later isn’t really what you want.
What I want to say is: if you have the chance and only have to choose - start with 4.2 now, cause it’s almost ready for all.

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Thanks for the info :slight_smile: