Install package in Dom0 from fc30?

Dom0 - Release 4.0 - Fedora 25.
How install one package (awesome v 4 - fedora 30) in dom0 from fc30? It is possible?

Hi @joreke!

Installing another window manager on Qubes is not straightforward. Because of the window coloring and other qubes-specific feature, any desktop environment needs to be “patched” before you can use it on Qubes.

This means that you can’t just download an awesome fedora package into dom0.

For awesome, the latest “patched” version is the 3.5.9 as explained in the documentation:

If you have programming experience and really want awesome v4 on qubes, I’d suggest you take a look at the code and appropriate patches. You’ll need to migrate them for the latest version:

There is already an (old) port of awesome 4.2 on github, which you should be able to build from source using the qubes-builder tools:

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