Install Mullvad browser on Qubes OS


I have four questions about installing Mullvad browser in Qubes OS.

I installed it in an App Vm and not a Template VM as recommended on the Mullvad website:

Transfer the archive of Mullvad Browser to your desired App VM (not template VM) using qvm-copy from the directory in which it is located:

qvm-copy mullvad-browser-linux64-12.5.1_ALL.tar.xz (replace file name with correct version)

  • Once transferred, open a Terminal in the destination App VM and extract the archive to ~/.local/share:*

cd QubesIncoming/disp6740/

tar -xf mullvad-browser-linux64-12.0.7_ALL.tar.xz -C ~/.local/share/

Install the browser and add the desktop entry:

cd ~/.local/share/mullvad-browser

./start-mullvad-browser.desktop --register-app

  • This should result in a message that reads:*

Launching ‘./Browser/start-mullvad-browser --detach --register-app’…
Mullvad Browser has been registered as a desktop app for this user in ~/.local/share/applications/

Here are my questions:

  1. during the installation my Fedora 39 Template VM booted, so did this installation have an impact on my Template VM ? And if so, what?

  2. Will Mullvad Browser installed this way be automatically updated with Template VM updates?

  3. I can’t make an autostart for my Mullvad Browser using the usual method:

    Create the autostart directory:

  • [user@example-app qube ~]$ mkdir -p ~/.config/autostart*

  • Make a link to the desktop app file you’d like to start in the autostart directory. For example, the command below will link the Thunderbird app into the autostart directory:*

  • [user@example-app qube ~]$ ln -s /usr/share/applications/mozilla-thunderbird.desktop ~/.config/autostart/mozilla-thunderbird.desktop*

Note that the app will autostart only when the app qube starts. If you would like the app qube to autostart, select the “Start qube automatically on boot” checkbox in the app qube’s Qube Settings.

How do I do it?

  1. Finally, would it be advisable to use this method of software installation in an App VM rather than a Template VM, in order to better protect templates VM ?

Thank you very much for your help

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There was no impact, when you press on Refresh applications button in qube Settings → Applications tab then it’ll start the qube template to rescan all .desktop files to add the new available apps.