Install HVM QUBES OS - Version 36 Fedora workstation

Hello, I lack experience in QUBES 0S, I am looking to install version 36 Fedora workstation in an HVM. I imported the image file into my appvm, I created an hvm to install the fedora workstation 36 image file. I unfortunately had to miss a step, is there a person in this forum who has already installed in QUBES OS in an HVM, this version of Fedora Workstation. Thank you for your invaluable help. Kind regards.

Télécharger Fedora Workstation (

It’s hard to help when you give so little. (What was that step you “had
to miss”?)

Look at the settings for your FedoraHVM. You want “kernel” set to “none”,
Initial memory at 2000, Mode - HVM.
Open a terminal in dom0:
If you have the iso image in QUBE at /home/user/downloads/fedora.iso,
then start the qube like this:
qvm-start FedoraHVM --cdrom=QUBE:/home/user/downloads/fedora.iso
changing that line to match your case.

This should start the installer in the HVM - install to /dev/xvda, and
put the boot loader there.

Hi @BALLERY. What is the reason you need to install it in HVM? PVM is the recommended virtualization mode unless you have good reasons for something else. Also, Qubes OS 4.1.1 already has Fedora 36 preinstalled with very convenient tools to manage it. Can’t you use it?

Apart from that, which problems occured when you tried to install it as you wanted? Did you follow any guide?

I’m looking to install Fedora Workstation, so I’ll do your action plan, thank you for your action plan. Kind regards.

Indeed I will install it in PVM, my version of Qubes OS has FEDORA 34, so I will plan a version upgrade, to be able to have the tools that suggest to you