Install applications (named only with metadata) from repository

I’ve successfully installed software (e.g. Gimp, LibreOffice) using “sudo dnf install gimp-2.10.36-2.fc39” (having googled the packagename from e.g. libreoffice - Fedora Packages). Great success. But problem I can’t overcome, been working on it for weeks, is that some apps/related apps like LibreOffice drawing software, or micro (Terminal editor) are only listed in the repository with names like “2.0.11-6.fc39”, the package name is not prefaced with “micro-” or “libreoffice-” and these will not install as expected using the “sudo dnf install” command, it says package name not found. But on the forums I see people claiming to be using micro, for instance. How can those kinds of apps, the apps not prefaced with a software title, be installed? Have tried adding e.g. “Micro-” or “micro” to the package name, no luck. Thanks in advance!

Are you trying to install the package with specific version?
If you want to install the package with latest version available then you can just use its name without version:

sudo dnf install micro

For sure, only trying to version the app to my OS version. Tried just “micro”, no joy. After reading your post I went and tried to install it into my “personal” qube using “sudo dnf install micro-2.0.11-6.fc39” which has not worked the last 5 times I tried it - but I was trying to install in a Template. Of course, it works fine installing in an app qube. I have not tested the new app. Maybe it’s a pebkac or bandwidth thing. Or maybe not all templates or app qubes will install all software. Perhaps installing apps like this can only be done with an app qube. I’m trying to prepare a Template, so it didn’t occur to me. Will post back if I can get the LibreOffice add-ons to install. Thank you!

In what template did you try to install micro package? fedora-39-xfce?
What was the output of this command there?

sudo dnf install micro

In fedora-39-xfce, no errors, “sudo dnf install micro” works great. Verified on reboot that it persists in Terminal.
Have no idea why I couldn’t get it to work. Installed in a micro
dvm also, and verified that on reboot it no longer exists.
I’m a rock. Thank you for your time!