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I’m new in Qubes and I would like to know if this OS can be consider good only inside the TOR network, is it also good for general privacy keep in clearweb? I mean does it protect you better then a firefox in a windows enviroment? If I installed it on a Usb does it provide a even more secure layer?

Hi @Calipso, good question!

Qubes OS’s focus is security, not privacy. It is mainly designed to keep your data safe, for example by mitigating malware attacks by making it easier to compatimentalize your data and using disposable virtual machines in situations where you fear malware might be used to exfiltrate or modify that data. (Typically, such disposable virtual machine would have no or little sensitive information inside, but that’s for you to organize.)

But for example, protecting your identify is not a primary goal of Qubes OS.

That being said, some projects do provide privacy tools for Qubes OS, and the Whonix project is one example of them.

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Hello, thank you for your answer I understand. Can whonix be runed inside a virtual machine in Qubes Os?

Yes, the Whonix templates are even available in the Qubes OS installer.

is there any tutorial available to how to use them?

There’s the Whonix wiki

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