Increase the speed of TOR Whonix

I have a very slow connection and throughput on TOR Whonix.

To make TOR work, I had to use the bridge on obfs4, but it is extremely slow and it often makes errors because the time is exceeded.

What are the solutions to increase the flow?

Perhaps this question is more relevant to Whonix than Qubes. You could try to ask on the Whonix forum.

In this case, doesn’t it concern TOR even more?


They say don’t use bridge if you want faster speed. I still use it. I have several sys-whonix for each activity / color / or AppVM. I restart whichever one is blocked or is slow. Overall it’s still slow but it works for me without as much interruptions, or system-wide interruptions, as it was with one sys-whonix.

I wanted to not use a bridge, but it didn’t work.

I understand that you have one sys-whonix per qube.

Is it always the same sys-whonix that is dedicated to the same qube? For example, for many years, sys-whonix-1 which is always dedicated to the same qube-1?

Now it works without a bridge!
What is to be understood by this?
Is it TOR that starts to accept me? Is it the access provider who had a weakness? I ask you all these questions, but I don’t know much about it…

For the moment :wink:

You can set it however you need it. I have one for Windows. The program (service provider) in there sometimes blocks tor so I need a sys-whonix to allow me to reconnect until it works. I have one for the OS, and a few others for work which I don’t want interruptions from my Windows or leisure activities. I’m not entirely sure about security but it’s about convenience.

According to what you say, you would have several TOR connections? Can you confirm this?

If this is true, it must be very interesting:

  1. it must give a better overall flow
  2. it makes you less identifiable.

Yes. The update uses sys-whonix so you can’t rename it. This is my dedicated os updates vm. But you can name any other sys-whonix you create. It’s better flow for me. It might be less identifiable in normal cases but it’s not impervious to advanced trackers and attacks.

i only see advantage of this if you rename sys-net