Incomplete output from grub2-mkconfig

It’s quite simple really, I haven’t touched /etc/default/grub or /etc/fstab or relevant files, since install all I have done is remove /boot and /boot/efi and place them on /boot.orig, copied said files to usb and boot from there , all good an all boots fine but when I generate a new grub.cfg file on dom0 it comes out without 20_linux_xen entries

Did you mount your USB boot and efi partitions to /boot and /boot/efi directories in dom0 before running grub2-mkconfig?

No I Im not daring enough to mount a usb to dom0, nevertheless I tested it on an arch distro and it seems that my whole fiasco with /boot and /boot/efi doesnt make a “change”, turns out you can grub2-mkconfig without even having grub2-install’ed,
still do not know why grub2-mkconfig isnt working tho

Create the /boot directory with all the files that were there in dom0 root and try again:

sudo cp -r /boot.orig /boot

I’ve done that, doesnt seem to be the problem