In 4.1, please increase default sizes for system storage and private storage

I’m not a techy guy. And over the past year, I ran into some problems such as Signal Desktop not running anymore or a TemplateVM not updating anymore. In the first case, it turned out that the private storage was full (Signal Desktop filled the private storage which was left at default size). And in the second case, the system storage of the TemplateVM was full. Now to discover these problems, it took me a long time because there’s no alert system and I’m not a techy guy. And duckduckgoing (not googling) the problem would certainly not provide the right solution.
Recommendation 1: Increase default system storage by 5GB and double the current default private storage.
Recommendation 2: Include an alert system when either storage reaches 90% capacity in a given TemplateVM or AppVM.
Thank you!


These sounds like very sane things that should definitely be part of Qubes.

I didn’t find any specific discussion on the your first recommendation. The closes match was this one, it’s not exactly the same. So it might be worth reporting this a bug.

This one is actually already in discussion. I’ve quoted there your text so it gets more visibility from the developers.

This sounds like a sensible change, but I’m not sure how much affect 5GB will have most of my vms need only a few hundred megs, and the ones that needed more needed to be increased to 20+GB.

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Increasing this shouldn’t increase acutal disk space consumption. It’s just the maximum. In reality if you machine has 500MB it will only occupy 500MB on disk (but it will at least be able to expand to 5GB)