Improving video streaming quality - Qube OS

I have noticed that most VMS have low-quality streaming and low fps for youtube or another media streaming platform. What can be done to fix them?

You can increase the number of CPUs available for your VM in its Qube Settings.

Youtube and other online video is not working that great even on the newest CPUs. Video choppiness is almost unavoidable. On older CPUs users have also frame drops and freezes.

The reason of this is CPU decoding and software rendering though Xen. The discussion about it can be found here:

This is not true. It works great for me wit h old and new CPU. I posted tips to improve it on the other topic.

It works perfectly fine on a ryzen 5 5600X.

I’m using mpv for most of my video playback and even that gives me grief when streaming. I found that the stream would lock up tight, dom0 CPU would go through the roof, and the whole thing would end up unusable. Then I dropped the CPUs in the VM from 2 to 1… finally got some consistent playback, albeit still a little choppy.

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Firefox seems to perform better from flatpak than from a distribution’s repositories. Well, don’t forget to turn off hardware acceleration in the settings anyway.

Does it matter? Have you compared the difference?

When I have experienced poor video quality, it has been because dom0/x11 was using a generic display driver, and configuring x11 to use the correct driver solves the issue.

Having the correct driver installed and loaded is not enough, you also need to make sure it’s getting used by x11.

I would start with checking the xorg log to see which driver is being used, and if it’s the right driver for your system.