Impossibles to get internet connections on kali linux

Hello, when trying to use kali linux as a VM in qubeos, I got many issues trying to get internet connections.
Even when I don’t use whonix gateway, I cant get internet. I installed using kali linux’s ISO file, but internet is not working by default.
If someone manage to get internet connection on kali, please tell how you make it works please

You need to manually configure networking in kali:

Or you can use the kali template:

qvm-template install --enablerepo=qubes-templates-community-testing kali-core
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Here to footstomp what @apparatus said. I’ve always had to manually configure my IP address, gateway, and DNS as described in the documentation to get Kali HVMs running. If you’ve done that and you still can’t get to the Internet, let us know. I did find a bug in a previous version of Kali that required manually editing the DNS servers instead of using the DE interface.

I’ve installed the template, created a VM with it, but when I try to launch it nothing is displayed. Are you sure the template for kali linux is kali core?

When you try to run terminal in kali qube then no window opens?

Yes, but no applications are installed, even those that are supposed to be preinstalled on kali linux.

Try to run terminal in kali qube using Qubes Domains widget in tray icon.
Also do you have Qubes OS 4.1 or Qubes OS 4.2?

Ok I’m going to test this, and for my part I have version 4.2.2 of qubeos

I’m able to launch a terminal, but how can I get the same graphical interface as when using ISO from kali linux?

Please try this:

  1. Open dom0 Terminal and run: qvm-ls -n your-Kali-VM-Name
  2. Start your Kali-VM and open the “Network Connections”
  3. Select “Edit Connections”
  4. Select “Wired Connection 1” and “Edit the selected connection” over the “Gear wheel”
  5. Choose “IPv4 Settings”
  6. Change the Method to “Manual”
  7. Set the IP-Adress from Step 1 under “Adress”, "Netmask "to and the “Gateway” Adress from Step 1
  8. Set “DNS servers” to, and “Save”
  9. Reboot your Kali-VM and then your network connection will work

However, this setup only works if you have selected this installation method → “From the official ISO file”:

I’ve just done this, but my connection still doesn’t work even though kali tells me I’m connected to wird connection 1. I’ve tried pinging but it doesn’t work, I don’t understand why.

Can you take a screenshot of your current network settings under Kali and share it here.

"Wired Connection 1” → “Edit the selected connection” over the “Gear wheel” → “IPv4 Settings”

For test purposes, use “NetVM” → “sys-firewall” and not “Whonix”.

I tried that too but it didn’t work either, I’ll send you the screen.

Just to clarify, you are using a Kali “HVM” machine without a “Template-VM”?
Is that right?

From the official ISO file

Only use this method if you want the full Kali GUI (desktop, fancy menus, etc.). It comes at the cost of much greater resources consumption.

1.Download the Kali ISO
2. Create a new HVM
3. Start the HVM with attached CD/DVD

that’s it, I created a kali VM from the kali iso with standaloneVM type and no

template. Here’s the screen

The address field is absolutely wrong.

What is the output of “qvm-ls -n kali” in your “dom0” Terminal?

it’s name : kali, state:running, netvm:sys-whonix, ip:, ipback : -, gateway:

ok I just changed it, it’s all working thanks for your help