Impossible to have persistent apps installed on Debian 10


I am a new one in Qubes OS and as I am discovering, I am also trying to install some apps as LibreOffice and PlayOnLinux.

Every time when I reboot the computer, the apps disappear… and it doesn’t seem to be installed persistently. It is very frustrating, and I would need some help.

Thanks in advance!


Qubes is a little unusual in that regard.
You must install in the template, and it will be available after template shutdown and (re)boot of AppVM.
The docs of the profect are very very good: Documentation | Qubes OS
For this topic in partucular, start here: Installing and updating software in domUs | Qubes OS



You’re not the first one with this issue:

It’s not at all intuitive as @qubicrm said and I re-iterate that reading the documentation saves a lot of frustrations like this.

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justo to correct myself: docs of the project, NOT profect. :slight_smile: