Importing Backup from 4.0.4 to 4.1

Should i recreate everything or would a backup restore all 4.0.4 appVMs?
I am guessing the Templates would need to be installed in 4.1 instead of restored from backup?
Speculating further, all custom dispVMs (printer dispVMs) would also need to be reinstalled fresh?
Any info is apreciated!

PS happy to see that gentoo is an option now, just wish i had the spare time like i sued too once

Qubes is amazing!

Speaking from my setup. I always have a backup of all fresh installed 4.0.4 temps (work, personal, un…) which got deleted by an install on a new Qubes version (i.e. 4.1) or restored on the fresh install from the same version (i.e. 4.0.4).
Then I have a second backup pack (with all standalone or unique VMs, i.e. Win10, Suse, Ubuntu, Kodashi, PureOS, Kali…) which gets restored on the new system.

Sorry, should have been more clear about this.
Original Machine will not be touched/deleted, i have a new machine where i was going to use 4.1 and hence my question if importing from backup might be problematic down the road and if it is wiser to setup things from scratch?

Understood! I already thourght you probably jumping from 4.0.4 to 4.1, and so I wrote "which will get deleted if I’m running a fresh 4.1.
But in the end - there must be a way to run your old VMs from backup also. Means - you can backup your old 4.0.4 VMs into a new 4.1 and change their template to somethings new on your 4.1 Qubes.
At least it’s worth a try… If there will fails somethings, you still can recreate new VMs from scratch.

yeah, just wondered who here had some experience doing it and could shed some info.
Probably wiser to clone new templates then test the appVMs on them.

Thats what I probably would do.
Been thinking to buy a Nitro-(Mini-)PC to have 4.1 on… Just the 1200 Euros are holding me back from this actually.

I had all of my Qubes backup from 4.0.4 and restore it on 4.1 and didn’t have any single problem :smiley:


Same here, except my Windows-10 cube. The backup was resored proper on the 4.1 system, but after booting it (Win-10) it always crashes (green Insider Preview crash screen).
But have to admit, that I’m running a “Insider Preview” Build. But in the end, question is: Whats different between a 4.0.4 system with a running Win-110 cube and a 4.1 system, where the Win-10 cube was fully restored from backup without any errors.
Looks like there are still some 4.1 switches to press, so the Win-10 cube would proper boot.

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When looking at the procedures to install Qubes Windows Tools in 4.0 and 4.1, there are significant differences, mainly with regard to the Xen and graphics drivers. So I suppose that QWT 4.0 is simply not compatible with Qubes R4.1, causing Windows to crash. (Remember, Windows is not the most stable system on the market :exploding_head:)