IME Disable Mini Options?

I need a travel friendly, lightweight server.
I’m considering using a mini computer as a server.
Other than Purism, are there any IME disabled minis that might serve the purpose?

You could use an ARM SBC like the Raspberry Pi, if it doesn’t need to be x86 architecture.

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Would you say that has enough punch to run as a server?

If whatever you need it for can run on a standard SFF PC, it’s probably going to run on an RPI as well, I don’t think there is a significant difference in performance.

You are restricted to 8 GB memory and USB storage, unless you are running something that needs a lot of RAM or disk OI you should be fine.

Do you know if its possible to set up parallel processing with multi units, giving more ram, and/or fall back, if one goes down?

You can make a cluster if the software you use has that capability, the RPI is just a small Linux computer.

I would also like to buy a mini pc.
Like the purism one exept the CPU that seems to be old. I need power as I need qubes for windows VMs as well

Are their any other alternatives but with better CPU [and min 32Gb RAM]?