Image Uploads to QubesOS Forum

Anybody have difficulty uploading images to the forum? It is a .jpeg file which is 2MB in size.

It just keeps loading forever and never finishes.

Are you trying to upload it using Tor Browser in Whonix?
Move the file from ~/QubesIncoming to some other directory and upload it from there.
Not sure if it’s related to only Tor Browser and Whonix.

I appreciate your response, but the behaviour is the same. Do you recommend to use an
online image pastebin?

Is this due to compression algorithm of the image?

To what directory did you move the file?

I recommend figure out what’s wrong and fix it if possible before trying to upload somewhere else.

Download some test image from internet or default image from OS, copy it in the same directory where the file that’s failing to download resides and try to upload it here.
You can use this image for example:

Also check the image file permissions, maybe it’s just inaccessible with user permissions.
What’s the output of this command?

ls -la /path/to/image

The issue was a browser issue. There is a problem with uploading images using Tor Browser due to the
compression algorithm code used to upload the image. It needs to be done using a different browser like Firefox ESR for example which has this compression library.

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Explain the issue in further detail so others understand how to solve it, then mark your answer as a solution.

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