Image forensics / video forensics and Qubes

Hi folks, please bear with me as I am just working out what I need to start teaching myself forensics while stuck in the Flat here in Scotland.

I am looking around for all the OS I can get that would be secure as well as easy to use for VMs, for example, if I get say Parrot os in as a VM I can do some testing and then use something else if and when I am working on learning the image forensics.

I was going to add the whole reason why etc but did not think it would be needed., I will add I am in my 50s with dyslexia and aspergers traits so if something does not make sense just ask I will try to re-explain it.

Hope that makes sense,


Hi Darren,

welcome the the Qubes OS community. You might enjoy reading these links:

From what I can gather from your post, I think Qubes OS will work very
well for you. Please be aware that installing Qubes OS and also working
with it and doing things like creating a Parrot OS qube/VM will be a bit
of a learning curve and might come with some troubleshooting.

If you are up for that, people here are happy to help.


Hi Darren

The instructions on the Parrot site are a bit dated - I can help you
build a Parrot template if you want, or you can download one ready built
There are also templates available for kali, and other Linux distros,
beside the Debian and Fedora that come preinstalled.

You can also install other OS like Windows and *BSDs in StandAloneVM,
and if you make these templates when you create them, you can play
around as much as you like.

If you need help with any of this, just ask.

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Thanks, Sven, I certainly will read those. I think it does sounds like it will work for what I need. I will just need to learn something new and new ways of doing things.

Now the one other question I have is about video recording and microphones. From all the videos I have hunted down to watch on Qubes it seems there is a problem with running mics and recording video at the same time or something to that effect?


Hi unman and thank you for the reply. It is truely appreciated.

I will look into the site you posted I need to make sure I have all my ducks in a row before I wipe this desktop and get Qubes in and learning it.

Again thank you so much


There are new ways of doing things, but there is plenty of help
available, so dont worry about asking.
The documentation is quite good.
If you dont find a problem answered there, do ask here or at the
qubes-users mailing list. (

The main problem lies in *screen recording" - this is because of the way
that Qubes deals with windows generated by qubes. To capture the screen
you would have to install software in dom0 which is generally not a good

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Ok, got ya,. Well nothing like the present to learn something new. Just grabbed the wrong iso so getting 4.0.3 Then off away I go.

Thanks Unman.

Well, good news and bad news, Good news is I like how it works bad news is I had to go back to a different distro for now the screen tearing was just awful I know that is for the Geforece 1060 but I had no idea how to fix it.

Perhaps Qubes 4.1 has a better support of this GPU?

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Thanks fsflover I will look into that.