I'm wonder to migration my Computer To Qubes OS

Original post was deleted

The above was posted and then deleted again. I already bothered to answer it and then the forum’s software tells me the topic doesn’t exist anymore. I assume this is the loophole where it is still possible to delete a thread if no one answered just yet. My views on this are well known. Here is my answer:

Kali / Parrot and others are quite insecure distributions. They live on the bleeding edge and are meant as a toolbox for “offensive security” aka “hacking into stuff”.

Qubes OS on the other hand is defensive in nature. It’s a platform that allows you to compartmentalize your digital live to limit the damage an eventual compromise of a specific qube will have. Even skilled offensive “hackers” would run their toolbox (Kali/Parrot and the like) either on a dedicated laptop that doesn’t contain any confidential information or do so by running it inside a qube and thereby having it effectively separated from the rest of their digital life.

One of the core features of Qubes OS is that it dramatically eases the safe transfer of information between qubes/compartments/VMs. However, since hardware access is isolated in dedicated system qubes to improve compartmentalization things like playing games with hardware acceleration are very difficult to achieve.