I'm trying to create a template or standalone in another storage location, but:

I’ve already tried cloning the template to the second storage disk, I’m still getting the same daemon error

Seems to be an issue with sector size:

What’s the dm-crypt sector size?
E.g. check the luks sector size:

sudo fdisk -l /dev/mapper/luks-*

From the github issue:

This will become a bigger problem with R4.2, where cryptsetup >= 2.4.0 (Fedora >= 35) will automatically create dm-crypt with 4K logical sectors even on 512e drives.


  • Invoke cryptsetup luksFormat with an explicit --sector-size=512 argument for the LVM Thin installation layout (fix for 512e drives)
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Will I need to format my second storage disk?

Yes. Your LUKS partition specifically.

Now how am I supposed to do that lol

Do I have to delete the volume group?

I guess you need to follow the guide from the end in reverse:


  1. Remove all qubes from the secondary storage
  2. Remove the Qubes OS pool using qvm-pool
  3. Deactivate the VG, e.g. with vgchange -n qubes
  4. Close dm-crypt sudo cryptsetup close luks-...
  5. Remove it from /etc/crypttab (or change it to the new one later)
  6. Follow the guide again to create a new secondary storage but specify the sector size for cryptsetup luksFormat command.
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