Im having trouble installing qubes os into an external 500 GB SSD

does anyone have any solutions or explanantions to this?
This keeps happening after i press finish configuration before its supposed to prompt into the login screen, but it never gets to the stage where it prompts the login screen and freezes on this black screen beforehand.
My pc’s specs are:
Intel Core i-5 10th gen
16 GB RAM 1 TB HDD + 256 GB SSD ( Although i am installing qubes on an external 500 gb ssd)
Nvidia GTX 1650 with Intel UHD included oviously ( i always switched to the integrated GPU before installation)
i would appreciate some help.

You can either install Qubes on an external SSD in a case/enclosure and install it in your laptop after the first reboot or you have to do without sys-usb. After that - depending on the number of USB controllers - you could manually create a sys-usb and make sure that sys-usb doesn’t hold all controllers. The one your SSD is connected to your computer must be available to dom0.

When you boot up your computer from an external drive it will disconnect when sys-usb is starting. This is bound to fail.