"ifconfig: command not found"

“ifconfig: command not found”
This occurred in dom0

“bash: ifconfig: command not found…”
This occurred in sys-net

WiFi: Still broken from earlier. WiFi won’t show up despite the card showing up in Dom0 with some special command.

To use Ethernet to Ethernet, I need the mac address. I don’t know what that is due to commands not running.

To use my Ethernet to WiFi adapter, I am having network problems with the adapter, even without connecting it to my desktop.

ifconfig and its related package have been deprecated (and not installed by default) on modern distros. It is replaced by the ip suite.

You can get link data with ip link and you can get address data with ip addr. Either of these commands should provide you with MAC addresses.

Some devices also have a sticker on the bottom with their MAC addresses, or possibly the original packaging may have the information, too.



Thank You