If you were Elon Musk, in what parts of your company would you allow, require Qubes

Some Parts of his companies surely would find more useful something that is orientated towards STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering)

Simple Secure communications to keep company money inside company, book keeping, banking, and some other things.

This topic gaslights what Qubes is good at, not so easy for even a knowledgeable Linux user to do.

If he really believes we are just characters in a simulation, then I guess he’s more interested in escaping it than to secure it. :grin:

I think as “globally” not only elon, for me it should be hrd, sales dept or people with social interaction, not only it can securing the os, they can have many vm per person or age or market. Shrugs.

For this question, the main requirements of using qubes are to test out the whether the programs are working and testing out virtualization in all products.