If the MSI z690 works, are changes that the MSI z590m will work as well?

I searched for z590m and nothing came up so I thought I’d ask. I am still on the hunt for a system that has a reasonable chance of working. I got a AMD board before and couldnt get it to work (so used it to upgrade my ailing server) but that still leaves me limping along with a standin for my workstation.
I noticed the dasharoo/msi z690 announcement and would go for the z690 but my case is microatx and dont have the time or money to sell my current case get another case etc.

So, any experience or thoughts on the likelihood of the z590m working? In one of my previous posts someone had said that gaming mobos are iffy in terms of compatibility and it seems the z590m is supposed to be a “gaming” mobo.

The MSI boards seem to have good Qubes OS compatibility, 7C75, 7D25, and 7D31 all worked according to the HCL, I think there is a good chance that 7D12 will work as well.

But there is no way to be sure unless someone tests the board.

I think your best insurance against the board not working, is buying from a seller where you have the option to return the board.

Thats encouraging, but yeah your right, need to get from a place that (easily) allows returns.