If i change my motherboard

will i have to fully reinstall Qubes 4.1?
Going from an AM4 x470 to b550 OR x570

never used the “backup” feature, so i’ll have to do some reading to see have that works if i have to fully reinstall (hope not)

Your Qubes installation is in your hard drive, not the motherboard. I can’t imagine changing your motherboard would require a complete re-installation of Qubes.

If you are concerned, save a backup first.

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hi @KarlinQubes
yeh i know its on the hard drive, but my experince with windows is when you change the motherboard (chipset) windows usually doesnt boot and requires a full reinstall. Perhaps linux, XEN is different?

Has anyone succesfully swapped motherboards without reinstall? any dramas?

There may be driver issues with new hardware. For example I have Z690 motherboard and i9-12900k CPU and I can’t boot Qubes with kernel 5.10.112 but with kernel 5.17.5 it works fine.

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If the new hardware is supported with qubes, you should not run into problems.

Of course nobody can assure you that it will work in every case on planet, but there is no real risk in swapping the motherboard and just trying to boot and see if everything works. If not, reinstall and restore from backup, but as said that really should not be necessary.