IDEs, Github, and Qubes Troubleshooting

Which is the preferred development environment for troubleshooting Qubes core (dom0) programs? has many features, but are external IDEs used? Maybe vim, emacs, atom, geany with acceptable extensions or addons?
If something like vim is used are there preferred addons that can be used for programs targetted for dom0?
Is there a document that discusses acceptable setups?
For example, stepping through python code and testing of qubesctl in dom0 would require special precautions and not just any IDE extensions. Where are these criteria kept?
The following documents were found about style, but this question is more to the IDE and acceptable extensions that would allow stepping through code and viewing tags.

Coding Style

Git - Graphical Interfaces

Not looking for a viewer.
Looking more to educate myself on how qubes is developed, tested, debugged and maintained.
Along the lines of:

The following looks interesting:

Looks as if a virtual environment is created, Qubes is installed, and then the SWE can begin. Do you know of the current best approach/practices used?

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