Identification of the QubesOS or FedoraOS via sys-net/sys-firewall

Can the provider/ISP somehow determine that I have fedora or linux or QubesOS because sys-net and sys-firewall somehow send/receive data from the network?
What is the effect of the fact that sys-net is specified in the “Clock qube” settings?
Is it accessing the NTP server? If I specify the sys-whonix as a Clock qube, will it change the situation?

And also, what data, apart from connecting to the TOR, does sys-whonix send/receive?

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Yes, they can figure you are using linux because of the network packets having a fingerprint from the operating system (it’s very basic though and not super accurate).

If you update without a vpn (including tor), they could figure you are using qubes os and which OS in the templates.

If you use a DNS from your ISP, they could figure many things as well.

You’re talking about things that are too obvious. The question was specifically about sys-net/firewall