Ideapad 3 Gen6 (17ALC6)


I searched both on diff Searx’s & ddg & here but found only 1 answer,and it didn’t say which model of ‘Ideapad 3’ & seemed to been with v4.1, thou neither found in the hardware compat. list (is it updated frequently?). I wanted to know if the (Lenovo Ideapad 3 Gen6 17ALC6 / 17ABA7) laptop that needs Qubes-OS 4.2 might or should work with v4.2?

The spec’s are here:
AMD Ryzen™ 5 5625U (6C / 12T, 2.3 / 4.3GHz, 3MB L2 / 16MB L3)
Integrated AMD Radeon™ Graphics
RAM 8GB Soldered DDR4- 3200 (to be upgraded to total 40gb, just fyi)
NVMe 512GB

Best regards, zeedee

From the specs, it should work. The CPU is well supported, and as an ultra portable laptop, the peripherals are likely to be pretty ordinary, so they should also be supported by the kernel.

Hi & thanks for the answer!
Did you look at the specifics other than look at it here?

I’m going to try it anyway, but posted to know if anyone had the same laptop or same specs which it works for.
Thank you!

Best regards, zeedee