Icons on panel just show "a qube" instead of its application's icon. (minimal template)

I’ve create a minimal template and installed some packages.

But when I start the application of this template or its appvm, the icons just show “a qube” instead of the application’s icon (in both of the panel and alt+tab ). In normal, the “qube” icon should be the icon of the selected application (like firefox, file manager, terminal).

I thought that it missed packages qubes-menus and qubes-desktop-linux-common then install them, but they do nothing. Am I still missed any packages that have to installed?

Running into the same issue so very interest in a solution. The icons show correctly in the Q app manager, but not in the top panel.

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Is there anyone has/had running into same issue? How you solve this?

same issue here

It is strange since it works as it should for .desktop files that are in ~/.local/applications and shows qube for .desktop files from /usr/share/applications. For normal template icons are showed properly for both locations.

Sorry but I think I have to talk about my situation.
I’m using debian-minimal based kicksecure template and then found this issue 5 months ago.

Now I found that the issue comes out when you installed hardened-malloc(both of the default or light version when you open globally). The qubes-menus and qubes-desktop-linux-common package won’t help either.
Although it is not the Qubes related issue, still calling for help.

To repeat the mantra - minimal templates are for advanced users.
Kicksecure is not a Qubes offering.
I would suggest you take this to the Whonix forums where the devs have
asked that you raise such issues, and you are more likely to get a dev
response. If you resolve it come back here to document the fix.

I never presume to speak for the Qubes team.
When I comment in the Forum or in the mailing lists I speak for myself.

Kicksecure specific questions should go to:

Full disclosure: I am a developer of Kicksecure.

Isn’t a Kicksecure issue either. The issue is happening with Qubes + Hardened Malloc.

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