Icons Messed Up in Qubes Menu after Running Bleach Bit

I ran bleachbit in dom0. Now, under Q Settings Other, there are multiple icons that are just blank.

How do I find them and get rid of them?

Can someone offer suggestiosn? This is under the “Other” Menu and I’m not sure how to rebuild it or even where to look.

out of curiousity, why run bleachbit in dom0?

maybe kill your xfce4-panel and restart it , not sure what “Q settings Other” is

Did you try this?

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p.s.: parulin beat me to it :+1:

First of all, it is always a good practice to have a backup before doing major changes. So if you do not have a backup, I recommend you to do it now.

qvm-appmenus(1) might help you. I would recommend you to read its manual:

man qvm-appmenus

To rebuild all menu entries, you have to do this:

qvm-appmenus --all --update --force

It would most likely undo all of your bleachbit modifications. But I have not used bleachbit personally. So I am not 100 percent certain. Please backup anything you would consider important before running it.

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i wanted to clean it up

This did not work.

These are items under “Settings” and then “Other” that are affected.

The command you listed rebuilds the menus under the VM list only.

There is probably a directory containing the items in other and I can manually alter it but don’t know where to go.

this doesn’t help me with the new 4.2 menus under Q Settings Other

.desktop files are stored in either of the following locations:


For example:
Qubes Application Menu -> Settings -> Other -> Xterm should be: /usr/share/applications/xterm.desktop
Qubes Application Menu -> Settings -> Qubes Tools -> Qubes Update should be: /usr/share/applications/qubes-update-gui.desktop

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i have “gm” for graphic magic listed 3 times under other with no icon. it opens once. nothing about gm is under usr/share/applications

Also check:
It is usually empty

it’s empty, didn’t change it

i’d rather not have 3 slots for gm with no icons in that menu. it looks ugly and only 1 functions.

This is the last trick I could think of:

Search for all desktop files containing gm

grep -Rnw {/usr,/usr/local,~/.local}/share/applications/*.desktop -e 'gm'

Otherwise I am out of clues and I hope the others could help

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it was under the .local

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I guess you know what your doing, I don’t. best advice is just never touch dom0,
enough other things to break

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