I7 3840QM for T430

Hi, New to the list and not a tech guy. I am in the process of purchasing a T430 and am looking to upgrade the CPU to i73840QM. Most of the used ones seem to originate in China. Given the following description, what is SROUT. Some of the descriptions have that term and others don't.

Is there a model # I should use to be sure I am buying the correct one?
Intel Core i7 3840QM CPU Quad-Core 2.8-3.8GHz 8M SR0UT Socket G2 Processor

It is the cpuid https://www.cpu-world.com/sspec/SR/SR0UT.html

Right…and what is a SR0UT CPUID ?


The physical CPU will have SR0UT as part of the information printed on the CPU. SR0UT is the sample number, it tells you in which batch run the CPU was produced.

Don’t know if the number matters, but I don’t think so.

Thanks…much appreciated.

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