I3wm/dmenu: Better sorting of the menu

I was annoyed by the default order of dmenu items in i3 WM, so I’ve adjusted it:

  • Layouts (items ending with (layout) are the very first.
  • DVM is above its template.
  • Qube Settings is below all items, as I more frequently start the apps.
  • Start qube is above all items – when I add this item to the menu, it is the most frequently used one.

The wrapper is there: dmenu-wrapper.s · GitHub

Ideas for further improvement:

  • Prefer Fedora templates to Debian ones
  • More recent DVM versions should be on top

Currently, the script is rather meant as inspiration, i.e., you might want to adjust the script to your needs.
If there is demand (e.g. Qubes team would want to provide a package), I can rewrite it to Rust and make it configurable.

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