I3 & XFCE difference

Before I make the change can someone explain the difference between (i3 & XFCE) I tend to like XFCE but I have read here that I3 is better. And can someone show me pictures of the difference between the two.

Thank you

i3 is a tiling manager…

  • if you work in terminals a lot …
  • …prefer keyboard navigation to mouse
  • …are not shy to READ documentation and learn lots of keyboard
    shortcuts (and create your own ones)
  • …don’t need GUI for configuration (use files instead)

In summary, if you need to ask about i3 it probably isn’t for you. I’ve
used it for over two years but ultimately settled on XFCE with
devilspie2 and like that better. Mostly because I was not willing to
invest hours or days into reading manuals and understanding how to
achieve the more complex layouts in i3.

Lot’s of people I deeply respect here and on the mailing list prefer
KDE. I couldn’t make that work (yet) for me on Qubes OS, but other have.
If you like XFCE going into the direction of KDE is probably a better
use of your time.

Or stay with the default. :wink:

i3 is “better” in the same sense the terminal is “better”. It uses less
resources, tiling can be very useful depending on task and screen size
but it’s not a thing you just go and do.

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From my side I use both XFCE and i3 at the same time! Mostly I run XFCE session where I replace XFCE windows manager by i3 wm. The benefit is that I can use XFCE panel and tools (e.g. managing screen). Oh and also I maintain RPM packages of a XFCE i3 plugin for workspaces: Packages for.

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Thank you both for the intell. I will stay with the default as I like it and i3 maybe just a little out of my scope for the time being. Not willing to try to understand it as I am learning qubes os right now.

Yes you are perfectly right. Start being comfortable with Qubes first then you can customize (more) your working experience if needed.