I2P on Qubes Guide

I’m new to I2P and Qubes.

There seem to be very outdated posts on how to setup I2P on qubes, even people saying they’ve done it but giving no (or very complex) instructions.

Would anyone from the community be willing to put together (or share) a step by step guide with best practices?

I remember a version of the Monero on Qubes instructions gaining popularity on Github then finally being published offically on the Whonix website (How-to: Use Monero with Wallet Isolation in Qubes-Whonix ™), hope the same can be done for I2P…

Guides like this allow new users to get the most out of Qubes, so they stick with the OS, learn, teach and continue to grow the community further.

Posts on I2P have over 1.1k veiws but very little replies, so the interest is certainly there. Thanks in advance.

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