I want to install windows 10

I want to install windows 10 from elliotkillick

  1. Download the installation script by opening the link, right-clicking and then selecting “Save [Page] as…”
    did it
  2. Copy install.sh into Dom0 by running the following command in Dom0:
  • qvm-run -p --filter-escape-chars --no-color-output <name_of_qube_script_is_located_on> "cat '/home/user/Downloads/install.sh'" > install.sh
    debi-my - this is my virtual machine
    /home/Downloads - locates script
    I tried different options on how to specify where to copy the script from. It does not work.
    Tell me how to correctly complete the syntax of the line
    Thank you
qvm-run -p --filter-escape-chars --no-color-output debi-my "cat '/home/Downloads/install.sh'" > install.sh
  • qvm-run executes a command inside a qube
  • -p is the short form of --pass-io which makes it so you can see the output of the command
  • --filter-escape-chars --no-color-output are additional parameters that filter out character you might not want
  • everything after that within the quotes is the command that will run inside the qube. In this case cat /home/Downloads/install.sh
  • the > install.sh at the end takes the output and writes it into a file

Understanding this you can now check yourself…

  • qvm-run -p debi-my "ls /home/Downloads" … do you see the file?
  • qvm-run -p debi-my "cat /home/Downloads/install.sh" … do you see the contents?

Also what @enmus just posted and moved post to “User Support” where it belongs.

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Thanks for your reply.
Indeed, there was a mistake in the source.
debi-my “/home/user/Downloads/install.sh”
How to execute completely in a cube?

hallelujah - fortune turned to me before. It looks like the script is running.