I want the brightness to change automatically according to time

In my previous Windows system, I used a tool that could automatically change the brightness, etc., but is it possible to do the same in QubesOS? Perhaps it needs to be installed on dom0, but I would like to know how.If possible, i want to reduce the brightness in the evening and later in the day to get ready for sleep.

Maybe redshift-gtk can work for you?

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I think it’s possible with KDE but i’m not sure

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Thanks! I found the thread with Sven’s response and was able to follow the instructions to install and change to dom0. Perhaps you can also auto-activate it.

This is a duplicate thread, so moderator can delete the thread if don’t need it. From now on, blue light will no longer make it difficult to fall asleep.

It is all right for this topic to stay as it is.

The goal of the “avoid duplicate topics” guideline is for people to easily find solutions when their questions have already been discussed in the forum. This topic, even if it’s a duplicate doesn’t make that goal harder to achieve because:

  • it is clearly marked as solved
  • you’ve referenced the other topic as well
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That’s perfect @Nakaya_kita :+1: