I think I screwed up please help

Ughh I need help

I think I fucked up my Qubes instance…
So. I was running out of storage on my pool00 and decided it was a great idea to resize my Dom0/root. It had like 30GB but it was using much less so I decided to resize to 20GB. When I did that the first command resized normally but the second command it said that it couldn’t shrink the volume, only enlarge. So I just gave up, everyone was working normally so I thought it was okay. (BTW both my pool00 meta and data had a little bit storage space still, it wasn’t 100% full or anything)

When I rebooted it stopped working tho, the boot screen doesn’t show anything, stuck on the loading and doesn’t show the password to decrypt it, and pressing ESC says

Job systemd-fsck-root.service/start running (Xmin Xs / no limit)

If anyone can help me fix this or at least recover my VM’s I would appreciate it.

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It seems to be hanging on filesystem check. You can use this to recover VM data:

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You can try to boot from another OS e.g. from some Live OS and resize your dom0 root back the the way it was before.

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