I think I found a bug, but I'm not set up to send an encrypted email to some mailing list

Qubes screen saver does NOT activate, if you leave the Qubes Domains drop-down window open.

I left my laptop running at home, and went to the store. When I got back, I was surprised the screensaver hadn’t kicked in.

Same thing if you leave the main menu open:

I think I found a bug, but I’m not set up to send an encrypted email to some mailing list

That’s now how normal bugs are reported. This is how.

In any case, the bug you’re describing was already reported here:

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Is this a 4.1 feat… erm bug? Or exists this since version 3.2 ?

It’s an ancient limitation of X screensavers, way older than Qubes R1 even :wink:


Yes, well…

Never trust your screensaver to kick in unless you see it. There’s tons of bad code out there. IIRC the lock-in mechanism involves two or three programs alone.

Even if it kicks in, there’s still some chance that it may unlock (X crash etc., much discussed on qubes-issues) or show something below.

physlock and vlock help a bit with the second issue by being more reliable, but sadly they are both not maintained anymore. They still appear to work though.

The moment my legs get ready to stand up, my fingers do Ctrl+Alt+L. It’s so much a habit that I don’t think my brain is even involved anymore.


I am used to pressing the windows key + L to lock windows. Is there a way to make Qubes use the same keys as windows? That would be useful to anyone used to windows.

Upper left Q menu → System Tools → Keyboard → Application Shortcuts

There you can change the xflock4 combo or add an additional one.

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Thanks, that works!

Now I can lock qubes by pressing the windows key + L

Appreciate it!

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